Second Annual PrideMass!


"God's love for each of God's children is endless and encompassing - including for the LGBTQ+ Children of God."

It is in this spirit that Tyson House (UT's Lutheran/Episcopal Campus Ministry) is hosting Knoxville's second annual interdenominational PrideMass, a communion celebration that honors all LGBTQ+ people as the childen of God. This special service will feature lessons that speak directly of God's love for LGBTQ people and a celebration of communion. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for fellowship over coffee and refreshments.

We will be having a "come as you are" choir meeting at 5:30 to learn an anthem and the hymns before the service.

Clergy: please feel free to wear clericals, stoles, or other vestments that might reflect your tradition. Your visible presence will be very meaningful.
  • St. James Episcopal Church of Knoxville
    1101 N Broadway NE, Knoxville
  • Tuesday Jun 20
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