Knoxville Pridefest 2017


Come out and help us save all the babies! Laws are changing in Tennessee and we have a responsibility to spread awareness about genital integrity and bodily autonomy.

If you would like to volunteer at our booth please message Intact Knoxville with what time you are available. We will be there from setup (sometime during the hours of 8-11 AM), through the parade that begins at 11:00, and until the end of the festival at 8:00 PM.

To support this booth and event, please chip in at:

Make sure to leave a note specifying that your donation is for Intact Knoxville's Pride event.

THANK YOU for supporting Intact Tennessee and Intact Knoxville! :)
  • Knoxville Civic Auditorium-Coliseum
    500 Howard Baker Ave, Knoxville
  • Saturday Jun 17
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